a r c h e k t a

Dom na lúke

Every house must be tailor-made, otherwise it may not work.

Warm Nest Maggie’s Care Centre

A beautiful thought calling for architecture that will allow it to fly.


The place that used to be closed to the public shall become a new culture center. “COMING OUT” 

Dom Nuvo

We always really enjoy working on projects at home. We try to support or create an atmosphere that we ourselves would like to experience. 

Ski Sauna

Sauna on the skis, what else to say?  

Tree Houses

The Low Tatras. Demänovská valley. This valley has to face many interventions. We tried to show that one can enter nature even without force and without disturbance. 

Forest Spa

Hotel wellness is detached from reality and enclosed in nature. This world of relaxation is composed of a cluster of shelters that create an intimate zone open to the forest. 

Footbridge Trojmedzie

Footbridge connecting two banks, three countries. Purity. This place does not call for a vulgar gesture of power but some kind of secret footbridge hidden in the shadow of tall spruces.

Mountain Restaurant

We tried to reflect on the natural atmosphere of the place and create a material transition from the intimate forest apartments to the open space of the restaurant.


 Our proposal tries to reflect the space of its surroundings. It is a gate between the entrance area and the pond behind the construction. Each brand in the showroom is functioning on its own: they are divided by the exterior, however, they share an open space where they can further expand.