a r c h e k t a

Tree Houses

ArchitectsViktor Mikovčák Martin Mikovčák
CollaboratorsRadovan Hnidka
The Low Tatras. Demänovská valley. This valley has to face many interventions. We tried to show that one can enter nature even without force and without disturbance. Together with Ark-Shelter Atelier, we did our best to proceed with a building concept that we consider ecological. The objects raised on tiny stilts let the country flow below. We did not close the biotopes by a concrete plate, quite contrastingly, the earth can breathe even underneath the cottage. The shelters were set to the forest, facing either the ski slopes or the forest itself, and not each other. It is this close contact with the ski slope that creates quite a unique atmosphere in this resort. Visitors find themselves in a forest and at the same time in the middle of a skiing resort. The distribution of the shelters in the forest provides the guests with privacy and peace while still being close to the hotel´s facilities.