a r c h e k t a

Dom na lúke

StatusIn Progress
MaterialsStone, Steel
ArchitectsViktor Mikovčák
CollaboratorsMartin Mikovčák Monika Balalová
The word home sounds quite ordinary and we say it several times a day. Sometimes we don't even realize how important it is to us. What comes to mind first when we hear the word home? It is not just the empty walls, but the space in which we live and the environment that shapes us. Every house must be tailor-made, otherwise it may not work. The house is designed so that its inhabitants are in as much contact as possible but at the same time do not lose their privacy. The façade made of sliding slats forms a game between interior and exterior, light and shadow, privacy and contact with the landscape in which the building is located. These different degrees of intimacy were able to ensure that the house served the family and not the other way around.