a r c h e k t a


StatusKonceptual study
MaterialsDrevo, kameň
ArchitectsViktor Mikovčák
Mentor + consultantMarc Dujardin
Conceptual project of a reconstruction of a historical building of former military barracks in a Belgian town Dendermonde. This project was consulted and influenced by the architect Marc Durjadin who completed the visual identity of our proposal with lively stories about life in the town. The main part of the whole project was an analysis of architectonical principles. The new form was given a visibly different character, which created a contrast between the new and current construction.
The proposal works with the idea of transparency of public buildings. The place that used to be closed to the public shall become a new culture center. “COMING OUT” Designed rail system moves the particular shops and services and the whole building gained the image of a hard shell with variable content. It was also this project that helped us look with a respect to other requests concerning reconstruction or renewal of buildings that have been marked by the ravages of time.