a r c h e k t a
Founder /from 1991/
Ing. Stanislav Mikovčák

Leading architect
Ing. Arch. Viktor Mikovčák

Cooperation from Ark-shelter
Ing. Arch. Mgr. Art. Martin Mikovčák

Ing. Arch. Monika Balalová
Barbora Šimašková
Ing. Arch. Ondrej Vavro

Milan Ščury
Ing. Radoslav Hnidka

Opening of the proposed restaurant in the Bjørnson Hotel in the Demänovská Valley.
In cooperation with the Ark-Shelter studio, we managed to win the prestigious 2019 CEZAAR architecture award. We were awarded for the wooden off-grid cabin “INTO THE WILD” and the Ark-shelter system as such. 

Alongside architecture, Stano Mikovčák has dedicated himself to sculpture. His work has been exhibited in more than 20 galleries all over Europe. 
It was in 2015 that we started to closely cooperate with the Ark-Shelter studio. This step brought us once again closer to wood and we also started to deal with many details on the spot. Thanks to this cooperation, we began to work with architectural models on a scale of 1:1. Such scale allows us to easily verify the particular principles 
Throughout the whole process of creation, the studio is intensively studying the anatomy of the regional traditional house. We are trying to work with the architectural fragments that are later on contemporarily incorporated. 
We often get our hands on projects of apartment buildings, whether they include the whole block or structure in a city.
Till today, the studio enjoys working on traffic projects. We always try to capture the historical soul of the roads and bridges we design. Their lines have been often defined long before us. While studying the parallels, we came across forgotten places and tried to renew them as a memory of the period. 
Dozens of reconstructed or newly designed industrial buildings in Slovakia. We often got into steel construction projects, which also improved our skills in this type of structures. 
Construction and revitalization of campuses, libraries, and other public buildings for education. 
Since 2005, we have devoted our architectural work to lookout towers built not only on the Javorniky ridge. These towers create orientational points in the Kysuce region. Our studio produced more than 20 lookout towers with the majority of them already standing. 

Lookout tower Kamenité
Lookout tower Petranky
Lookout tower Bobovec
Lookout tower Zborov nad Bystricou
Lookout tower Krásno nad Kysucou
Lookout tower Brabírka
Lookout tower Gbely
Lookout tower Strečno
Lookout tower Holič 
Lookout tower Veľká Rača
Lookout tower Oščadnica
Lookout tower Oravská Polhora
Lookout tower Svederník
and many other projects are still waiting for the execution.

Since 2001, dozens of functional squares, city parks, playgrounds, and other important public spaces have been designed and subsequently implemented. We are still more than happy to participate in such projects.

Acquisition of the Czech authorization certificate.
Acquisition of authorization certificate.
Archekta/ founder of the brand – Stanislav Mikovčák